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Monday 3 September 2018

Voting right of a Member Bye - Law 105

Voting right of a Member and the Associate Member of the Society shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of Section 27 of the Act.

As the above law has been amended in 2019 so please refer below link to see Voting Right of Members as per MCS Amendment Act 2019

Voting Rights of Members - 154B - 11

What are the voting rights of members of cooperative societies? | What is the basic principle followed for voting in a cooperative society?  | Which of the following holder is given voting rights?
Election Procedure for Housing Societies | Is the voting rights in a cooperative society on the basis of one member one vote True False? | What is casting vote in cooperative society? | How many votes a member has in a cooperative society? | Does a chairman have a casting vote? | What is not casting a vote? | How can a member of a co operative society be disqualified? | What is quorum in cooperative society? | What is the meaning of cast vote?

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