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Tuesday 4 September 2018

Election of the Committee Bye - Law 115

a) Election of all the Members of the Committee shall be held once in 5 years, before the expiry of its term, in accordance with the provisions of Sec 73- CB of the Act and the Rules / procedure framed there under. It shall be the duty of the Committee to intimate to the State Election Authority for holding of its election before expiry of its term. On failure the Committee Members shall cease to hold office after expiry of its term, and attract action by the Registrar under section 77 A.

b) The Committee of the Society may co-opt two “Expert Directors” relating to the objects and activities under taken by the Society. The number of such co-opted Members shall not exceed two in addition to the strength of the committee as provided in Bye-laws No. 114., such co-opted Members shall not have the right to vote in any election of the Society in their capacity as such Member or to be eligible to be elected as office bearers of the committee.

c) The Committee of the Society may co-opt two “Functional Directors”, such Members shall be excluded for the purposes of counting the total numbers of the committee and shall have no right to vote.

d) In respect of housing society having contribution of the Government towards its share capital, then the members of the committee shall include two officers of the Government nominated by the State Government, which shall be in addition to the number of members specified as above, and as provided under section 73 AAA of the Act.

e) The Election of the Society shall be conducted by the State Cooperative Election Authority under section 73CB

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