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Wednesday 1 June 2022

Rights of Members to inspect the documents - Section 154 B – 8 (1)

Rights of Members to see books of account | Power to inspect working of society

As per MCS Amendment ACT 2019

Section 154 B – 8 (1) : Every Member of a society shall be entitles to inspect, free of cost, at the society’s office during office hours, or any time fixed for the purpose by the society, a copy of the Act, the rule and the Bye – Law, the last audited annual balance sheet, the profit & loss account, a list of the members of the Committee, a register of a members, the minutes of general meetings, minutes of Committee meetings and those portions of the books and records in which his transaction with the society have been recorded.

Section 154 B – 8 (2) :A society shall furnish to a Members, on request in writing and on payment of such fees at such rate as may be decided by the Registrar, from time to time, the copies of any documents mentioned in the foregoing sub-section within forty-five days from the date of payment of such fees and when the society is assisted by the Government in the form of share capital, loan and land, the said society shall furnish such information within thirty days from the date so requested by a member.

As per Bye - Law No 23 : Inspection of Society Records  and getting copies thereof.

A) A Member shall have the right to inspect free of cost books, registers documents etc. as provided in Section 32 (1) of the Act and get copies of the documents as provided under Section 32 (2) of the Act, on payment of the fees prescribed under the Bye-Law No. 172

B) A Member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Approved Bye- Law, Audit Report of the Society, on payment of charges prescribed thereof.

Following section applicable on Managing Committee to now show the records to member of society

  • Section 154 B – 23 (3) for refusal to obey DR order u/s 154 B – 27
  • Section 154 B – 27  for MC refusal  to provide documents
  • Section 146 – Sub Section (p-2) of MCS ACT, it is an offense
  • Section 157 – Sub Section (p-2) of MCS ACT punishment Rs. 100 per day , Maximum Rs. 5,000/-
  • Section 32(1)  & Section 32(2)

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