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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Committee Member Training Mumbai

Either you are new Society or New management committee members (when a committee change) this training is very useful for you. New management committee members need to know about Bye Law and their responsibilities to work for a co-op housing society.  It is good practice to provide a structured, comprehensive and practical orientation to the activities, compliance and structure of the association.  CHS Kit for management committee are useful way of providing newcomers with all the essential information.Its Includes following topics :

Offline Training Fees : Onsite training charge Rs 3000
Online Consultancy Charges  : Rs 500 

Term : 
1. Fees should be paid in advance or same day before training by cheque or online transfer.
2. Maximum 13 Members can join the training.
3. Training date we will provide as per availability.
4. Society should be arrange place and tables for projector.
5. Online consultancy time is 45 min on phone and 1 week support on whatsapp.
6. Offline training 15 days support on whatsapp.

Note : Please do not call directly, first take a appointment on whatsapp as i am busy with my office work and training so can not receive the call.If you need any consultancy on phone it would be chargeable as mentioned above. Free resources/content also available on my website and youtube which help you to answers your queries.