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Housing Society Information | General

1. Housing Society Committee Handover Process

2. Things to check before buying a flat

3. Why Police Verification of tenant is important and how it should be done?

4. Tenant Information to register on Mumbai Police

5. Responsibility of the Annual General Body Meeting

6. First Annual General Meeting Agenda

7. Responsibilities of Treasurer in cooperative housing society

8. Responsibility of the Secretary of the Society

9. Parking Rules as per Bye Law in Housing Society

10. What is Non Occupancy Charges?

11. Procedure and Checklist for Flat Transfer in society

12. Duties & Responsibilities of Chairman

13. Period of preservation of records and accounts

14. Share certificate issuance cooperative housing society

15. Transfer of Flats in a Cooperative Housing Society

16. Cooperative Housing Societies Nomination Rules

17. Flat Transfer Procedure after death of Member without nomination

18. Flat Transfer Process after death of Member with Nomination

19. Types of Membership in Co-operative Societies

20. Duration of Preservation of Records | Documents | Accounts | Registers

21. Special General Body Meetings of Housing Society

22. What is Share Certificate ? Share Certificate Format

23. Issuing a duplicate Share Certificate housing society

24. NOC Letter of Society for Issuance of Passport

25. Society Letter For Proof of Residence to obtaining Toll Naka Concession

26. Co-Operative housing society secretary resignation letter format

27. AGM Notice Format for housing society

28. What is Associate Member in Housing Society?

29. 2 kids policy in housing society election | Section 73CA of MCS Act

30. Can a Real Estate Agent be a part of Managing Committee in society?

31. Rights of Members to inspect the documents - Section 154 B – 8 (1)

32. How interest is calculated in housing society for late payment?

33. Difference between associate member and joint member

34. Who is Member in housing society

Housing Society Federation Office Address