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What is Associate Member in Housing Society?

Can an Associate member be elected as Chairman?

An “Associate Member” can be wife, husband, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, nephew, niece a person duly admitted to Membership of a housing society on the written recommendation of a Member to exercise his rights and duties with his written prior consent and whose name written as 2nd in the share certificate.

Rights of Associate Members in Co-operative Housing Society

1) He/She can get a copy of all accounts, MOM, and statutory register.
2) He/She can inspect the books of the society without being charged any money to society.
3) He/She can occupy the flats after consent of the Original Member but will not have rights, titles, and interests in the property.
4) He/She has the right to part of any celebrations, events, Programm etc. within society and also have equal rights to all the common spaces, parking slots, gym etc.
5) If 1st named member ceases to be the member due to death, resignation etc. An associate member will also be ceased to be an Associate Member unless he/she hold an interest in the property jointly.
6) He/She can contest the Managing Committee election, caste vote, attend the general body meeting, file the complaint etc.
7) He/She has the right to file official complaints. Depending on the misconduct or offense that the associate member faces in the society (from co-residents, committee members, builder, etc.), he/she has the right to approach authorities for remedial measures, including the Registrar, Co-operative Court, Civil Court, Municipal Corporation, Police, among others.
8) Has the right to be part of the affairs of the society. Just like the original member, the associate member has the right to participate in any events, celebrations, drives, etc. organized by the society and has equal access to all the common spaces, parking lot, garden, gym, etc.

Can the Associate Member have election rights? 

Most of the co - cooperative housing society has some confusion for associate members regarding election rights of an associate member. Although, as per bye-law by Maharashtra State Co-operation Election Authority, as well as provisions in the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act along with a housing manual published by the Registrar, the rules with respect to voting and contesting rights of an associate member are clearly defined.

No matter how many members live in one household, every house gets one vote in the society’s election as per the rules. When it comes to voting, where there is joint ownership, the person, whose name stands first in the share certificate (Main owner), if present,he/she has the right to vote.  But in his absence of main owner(Named 1st in Share Certificate) the person whose name stands second (associate members), and in the absence of both, the person whose name stands next, who is present and who is not a minor, will have the right to vote. 

No Objection Certificate and Undertaking from the Original Member to be submitted by the Associate Member intending to be a Member of the Managing Committee of the Society.

Download Form Appendix - 10A for becoming a Committee Member

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