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Monday 1 February 2021

Maharashtra allows co-operative societies to hold elections

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government on Tuesday decided to allow all co-operative societies, including housing societies. The state government had postponed elections in all co-operative institutions since May and as per the latest order issued in January, the elections were postponed till March 31. 

 According to the government order issued on Tuesday, the January order that postponed elections till March 31 stands canceled, and all elections in all co-operative societies like banks, housing societies can be held.  However, experts say societies with up to 250 members will not be able to hold elections despite being allowed to as the rules for their elections haven't been notified by the government for the last two years. "Only housing societies with more than 250 members will be able to hold elections, smaller societies will not able to as their rules are yet to be notified," said  Ramesh Prabhu Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association The order also mentions that on the backdrop of the recently conducted gram panchayat elections and legislative council elections the state has decided to allow elections to cooperative societies in the state. "There was also demand by cooperative society members to allow for elections. All Covid-19 protocols will have to be followed while conducting these elections, "said an official from the state government. Read More...

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