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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Society Letter for Passport NOC

NOC Letter of Society for Issuance of Passport

When a member apply for the new passport or renewal of passport, then a letter from co-operative housing society retired to that member. So he/she give an application to society committee to provide the No objection certificate (NOC). Now society committee need to provide NOC to that member in the following format.

Letter from Co operative Housing Society which should certifying that member period of stay (from when he/she residing) and member address should be mentioned. Secretary / Chairman should be very careful in providing such letters as the default on their part may attract penalty & criminal proceedings under Passports  Act, 1967. So mention the purpose of NOC and also validity of NOC.

Society letter for residence proof format for passport

[Society Letter Head]

This is to certify that Mr/Mrs xyz, son/daughter/wife of Mr ABC, who is a bonafide member of our society and staying at Flat No - 102, Building No-9.

As per his request letter dated 21-01-2008,this certificate is issued to Mr xyz for the purpose of issuing a new passport of Mr xyz as he is residing our society since Aug 2008.

This certificate is valid till 45 days from issuing date.

For abc Co - Op housing Society

[Society stamp with signature of Chairman/Secretary]


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