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Friday 17 April 2020

Society Letter For Proof of Residence

  Society letterhead





This is to certify that Mr. XYZ, is a member of Apex CHS LTD, Situated at Hari Om Nagar, Thane (EAST), Mumbai – 400082. He is presently occupying, Flat No 202, in Building No. 5 of this society.


According to the records provided by him to this society, he owns the Car bearing registration No MH-46 –AN -00000.


This certificate is issued to him as proof of residence for obtaining necessary Toll Concession at _______ Toll Naka Easter Express Highway.




For Apex CHS LTD



(Name of Secretary)



Sometimes society committees, get a different application for getting society NOC. So all NOC which society give to members write reference letter date subject etc for which member has applied. Also, you can mention the validity of NOC. Above is the letter format for obtaining a Toll Concession, so the respective department needs a NOC/ proof of residence on society letterhead.

A domicile certificate or society letter for proof of residence enables its member to prove that he/she is a resident of that cooperative housing society either by birth or by having lived for some time. The document enables the member to avail of the domicile/resident quota extended by the state in education and jobs. 

Society letter for residence proof format pdf

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