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Monday 18 September 2017

Housing Society Committee Handover Process

1. First, need to schedule a meeting for handover with old and new committee members.

2. Old Secretary shall be made a list of documents and certificates which he/she received from the previous committee/builder.

3. Documents list need to verify by the new committee as per listed all should be in the society office.

4. A separate list for all current service providers and local authority contacts number and email id which society communicated earlier or need to communicate.

5. A list of documents that should mention date until the following records have updated like accounts and all statuary registers.

6. A list for Society staff contact no and email ID.

7. A list for all society assets.

8. Current (Same month or coming month) pending work list which already started or going to start as decided by AGM/SGM.

9. Society Computer/Laptop Login details and knowledge transfer required from the current committee to the new committee about all documents and the folder's structure of files.

10. If Society using online banking/Net Banking provides net banking details too.

11. If society deducting TDS so provide TDS details to the new committee.

12. A-List for all login credentials for all society emails/Software/Website’s User ID/Password.

13. Make sure all documents list should be signed by old and new committee Chairman  & Secretary. 

Download Committee Handover Documents & Checklist

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