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Thursday 7 January 2021

Issuing a duplicate Share Certificate housing society

Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate in a Co-op Housing Society

If you have lost or misplaced your share certificate then you need to inform the committee immediately by letter.

Getting a duplicate share certificate is not an easy process, you need to go to society’s office and getting a duplicate copy on the same day, but there are some steps which you need to complete.  If your share certificate is lost, misplaced, or destroyed or, you can request a housing society committee to provide a duplicate share certificate.

You need to follow the below steps:

1. First file an FIR to the local police station, registering a complaint for that the original share certificate has been lost. Take a copy of FIR acknowledged by the Police.

2. Write an application to the society stating that the original has been lost and request the society to issue a duplicate share certificate. Attach the acknowledged copy of the FIR with the application.

3. Submit an indemnity bond of Rs 200 to the society, indemnifying the society of all cost/ results of issuing a duplicate share certificate. 

4. Once the society receives the application from the Member, then the Secretary of the society will place the matter to the managing committee. In the same meeting, the society examines the application and attached FIR and other papers  and approves the request for a duplicate share certificate.

 5. Now the society will puts out the notice on the society’s notice board and also published notices in two local newspapers with respect to issuing a duplicate share certificate.

6. The society waits for 15 days for any objections after putting out the notice on the society’s notice board and the advertisement in the newspapers.

7. If no objections come, then the society will issue a duplicate share certificate to the member. 

8. In last, the cost of publishing notices in newspapers has to be borne by the member and committee can send invoice for the same to the member.

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