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Sunday 17 January 2021

10% price-stamp duty variance relief on flat sale applies

MUMBAI: A recent ruling of the Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal’s (ITAT) Mumbai bench has come as a relief to taxpayers embroiled in litigation on capital gains arising out of the sale of their flats due to the sale price is lower than the stamp duty valuation. 

ITAT has held that the benefit of a higher tolerance band of 10% for the difference between the sale price of a flat and the stamp duty valuation will apply with retrospective effect. 

The ITAT bench of vice-president Pramod Kumar and judicial member Saktijit Dey held this benefit would apply retrospectively from the financial year 2002-03 (assessment year beginning April 1, 2003) when anti-abuse provisions were introduced in the income-tax Act. 

The ruling will help pending cases from these years when the acceptable variation rate was much lower or no such leeway was available. Tax experts said several such cases are pending at various levels, especially in larger cities such as Mumbai. Read More...

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