Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Period of Preservation of Accounts and Record in Housing Society

Duration of preservation of records in Co-Operative Housing Society | Period of Preservation of Accounts/Records

Records to be retained for Five Years:

  • Bill Collection Register
  • Bill Receivable Register
  • Stock Register
  • Records of Bank Authorization for operation of accounts

Records to be retained for Ten Years:

  • General Ledger
  • Personal Ledger
  • Pay-in-slip counterfoils

Records to be retained permanently:

  • Indemnity bonds for lost Share certificates
  • Membership applications
  • Share certificate books and Counterfoils
  • Register of Transfer of Shares
  • MCS Act, Rules, Registered Bye-laws, Amendment to Bye-laws 
  • Registration Certificate, Registration documents
  • Correspondence with Registrar/ Joint Registrar and other authorities of
  • Correspondence with State Government, Civic body
  • Register of members in Form
  • List members in Form J
  • Share Register
  • Minutes books of General Body
  • Minutes Books of Managing Committee 
  • Important circulars and Standing Instructions issued by the Society

Period of Preservation of Accounts and Record PDF