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AGM Notice Format For Housing Society


 (On Society Letter Head)




Notice is hereby given to all members of the Society that the 5th Annual General Meeting of the members of the Society as required under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960, and Rule No. 59 and Bye-law No. 86 framed thereunder, shall be held on Sunday the 20-07-2009 at 11 AM to transact the following business:


1.  To read and confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.

2. To consider and adopt the audited statements of account namely the Income &

   Expenditure Statement for the year ended 31st March 20___ and Balance Sheet as 

   at that date together with the Auditor’s Report thereon.

     3.    To appoint statutory auditor for financial year __________.

     4.    To appoint an Internal Auditor for the financial year ________

    5.      To ratify the transfer of flats effected by the Managing Committee during the past 1 year.

    6.      To decide action to be taken against members defaulting in payment of society dues.

    7.    To discuss and approve the general budget prepared by the Managing Committee for                the financial year___________.

    8.     To discuss and approve maintenance charges as per bye law for the year________

    9.    To discuss and decide about undertaking following major repairs, approve budget for 

          the same and decide about the source of funds to fund the proposed expenditure.

   10.   To discuss to address members’ common complaints or grievances, if any.

    11.  To discuss about pending work from builder side in detail.

    12.  To consider any other matter, coming up at the last minute, with the permission of 

          the   Chair, except matters requiring proper advance notice.






1)    Only bonafide members of the Society shall be permitted to attend the Meeting. Family members or spouses, or joint holders shall be allowed in the absence of primary members, but primary owner consent letter required to attend meeting. Similarly proxies or Power of Attorneys will neither be accepted nor allowed.

2)    If there is no quorum at the scheduled time, the meeting shall be postponed and re-convened at 11.30 a.m. on the same date and at the same place even if there is no quorum.

3)    Members desiring to discuss any issues / raise any queries during the meeting should furnish them in writing at least seven days before the scheduled date of the meeting to the Secretary.  Issues or queries raised without such advance intimation shall be discussed only at the absolute discretion of the Chair.

4)    Decisions taken at the meeting shall be deemed to have been taken with the consent of and binding on all members of the Society including absentee members.




For and on behalf of the

Managing Committee


Date: ________________

Place: ________________                                                                   Hon. Secretary



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