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Wednesday 25 December 2019

Responsibility of the Annual Meeting

1) To take a review of the minutes of the last Annual Meeting and special meeting and action were taken on it and finalize the same. 

2) To accept and approve the last year's income and expenditure statement presented by the managing committee similar information of reconciliation and their working report. 
3) To take note of last year's audit report and similarly approve the rectification report presented by the managing committee. 
4) To declare the result of the election of the managing committee if the Annual general meeting held earlier. 
5) To appoint the auditor from the registered panel available with the co-operative department. 
6) To take a decision by discussing the proposal regarding the expulsion of members. 
7) To take a decision by discussing the proposal regarding the bye-laws and approve the same. 
8) To take a decision on the rate of contribution regarding maintenance fee, maintenance, and repair fund, and sinking fund. 
9) To determine the interest rate to be charged on the members defaulting in paying society's maintenance. 
10) To decide about parking and determine its rate 
11) To take a decision about the penalty to be charged on members, violating by-laws of the society and to determine its amount. 
12) To take a decision about the utilization of the sinking fund. 
13) To determine the amount of remuneration to be given to a member if he has got ended his services to society. 
14) To approve the expenditure of major repairs. 
15) To recommend for giving membership again to the expelled member by society. 
16) If all the members of the managing committee tender their resignations then put them before the annual meeting and approve.
17) To give sanction to the amount to be written off.
18) To take a decision regarding the land of the society and conveyance of the building and to approve the draft deed. 
19) If more expenditures than the limit stipulated in the bye-laws is to be incurred and to approve the tender by putting it before the general body meeting.
20) To give approval for the appointment of Architect and similarly to give approval of terms and conditions to be executed with that. 
21) By considering available space for playing in the society's premises, to determine the timetable for members and their children or put restrictions on them and if violated to take a decision regarding charging penalty. 
22) To determine terms and conditions for utilizing the vacant place and also a terrace of society. 
23) To form a complaint redressal committee on the level of the society so that if any member has a complaint against the working or decision of the managing committee, then by solving it on the societies level, it concluded through complaint redressal committee only following subjects should ao discuss in detail in the Annual General Body Meeting of the Flat owners.

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