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Wednesday 11 September 2019

Powers, duties and functions of the Secretary of the Society Bye - Law 140

The functions of the Secretary of the Society shall be those mentioned below:

Sr No Items of the powers, functions and duties The bye-law no. under which the Power, Function or Duty falls
1 To issue share certificate to Members within the stipulated period and the prescribed manner. 9 and 10
2 To deal with resignations from Members including associate and nominal Members. 27 to 30
3 To enter nominations and revocations thereof in the Nominations Register. 32 & 33
4 To inspect the property of the Society. 47 (a)
5 To issue notices regarding repairs to be carried out in flats. 47 (b)(C)
6 To deal with cases of expulsion of Members. 49 to 54
7 To deal with cases of cessation of Membership including associate and nominal Membership. 55
8 To deal with the applications for various purposes received by the Society. 63
9 To prepare and issue demand notices/bills for payment to the Society's charges. 69
10 To bring cases of defaults in payment of the Society's charges to the notice of the Committee. 70
11 To issue letter of allotment of flats. 75
12 To issue notices and agenda of all meetings of the general body. 98
13 To record the minutes of all the meetings of the general body. 108
14 To call the first meeting of the newly constituted committee. 122(b)
15 To issue notices of all the meetings of the Committee. 132
16 To attend meetings of the Committee and to record minutes thereof. 136
17 To attend meeting accounts books, register and other records, unless otherwise decided by the committee. 143
18 To finalize account of the Society in the required manner. 146 (b)
19 To produce records of the Society before different authority concerned with the working of the Society with the consent of the Chairman. 152
20 to prepare the audit rectification reports in respect of audit memos received from the Statutory and internal Auditors. 153
21 To bring breaches of the Bye-laws by the Members of their notices under instructions from the committee and Penalties there to. 165
22 To discharge such other functions under the MCS Act 1960 the MCS Rules 1961 and the Bye-laws of the general body meetings, as are not expressly mentioned hereinabove.
23 To place the complaint application with facts before the committee, in the coming meeting. 173

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