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Monday 9 September 2019

Circumstances under which a Sub lettee, licensee carelaker ceases to be the nominal Member Bye - Law 58

The Nominal Member, who is the sublettee, licensee or care-taker or possessor in any other manner of the flat or the part thereof shall cease to be as such Member of the Society:

a) On his death.

b) On his resignation having been accepted by the Committee.

c) On the cessation of the Membership of the original Member.

d) On the expiry of the period for which the flat or part thereof was permitted to be sub-let, given on leave and license or care-taker basis or occupied in any other manner.

Action by the Committee on cases of cessation of Membership of the Society

Note : The words 'original Member' used in the Bye-laws Nos. 55, 56, 57 and 58 mean the Member, with whom the Associate Member/s hold the shares of the Society jointly, the Firm, the Company or any other Body Corporate, on whose behalf the nominal Member occupies fiat in the Society's building or the Member who has been permitted to sub-let, give on leave and license or care-taker basis his flat or part thereof or part with its possession in any other manner. The Committee shall take further action in the matter as indicated in the Bye-law No. 59.

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