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Saturday 21 September 2019

Insurance and Emergency Plans Bye - Law 160

a) The Society shall insure its building/s necessarily against risk of natural calamities, fire, flood, earthquake, third party liability and like

b) The managing Committee of each and every Housing Society shall chalk out Emergency Planning Scheme, which includes below-mentioned details in respect of the Society and the surrounding area.

 (1) Probability of danger and analysis thereof.

 (2) Evaluation of risk in pursuance disaster management.

 (3) Response Machinery eg. Police/Fire Brigade/Municipal council etc.

 (4) Important Telephone Numbers.

       i) Emergency Telephone Numbers of each and every Member.

       ii) Telephone Numbers of the officers of the Government Machinery concerned with emergency management. The management committee shall hold discussion with all the Members in the General Body Meeting over the plan prepared as aforesaid and shall inform about the same to the Members. The plan such prepared shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the Society, and the same shall be made up-to-date from time to time as per the requirement.

       iii. As per the Child Labour Act 1986,it is prohibited to employ child labours for household and other works. As per the provisions of the said Act, if any person/Member is found to have employed child labour for household work and other work then a punishment of imprisonment of one year and a fine up to Rs. 20,000/- or both can be awarded to him. The managing committee of the Society shall display the said legal provision on the notice board and shall create awareness in the minds of all the Members for the eradication of the said evil, child labour practice.

             a) The office bearers of the Society shall insure that no Member of the Society/person /contractors has employed child labour and shall make arrangement of informing the Labour Commissioner Office that the Society is totally free from child labour practice.

             b) If any Member/ person /contractors are found to have employed child labour, the managing committee shall inform immediately to the office of the Labour Commissioner or the nearest Police station or the concerned voluntary organizations and shall inform to that effect in writing to the office of Labour Commissioner.

iv. The managing committee of the Society shall take necessary precaution to see that no injustice is done to any widow in the cooperative housing Society after the death of a Member before transferring the flat in her name. In such cases, Society shall verify the nomination form duly submitted by the deceased Member or succession certificate /heirship certificate obtained from Civil Court under the Indian Succession Act 1925 or Will of the deceased Member duly probated by the Civil Court through the executor of the will. After verifying and taking legal guidance Society then only can take appropriate action within the time limit to avoid further legal complications. This procedure can be followed in all the cases after the death of a Society Member.

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