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Saturday 21 September 2019

Penalties for breach of Bye -law Bye - Laws 165

a) The meeting of the General Body of the Society may prescribe penalties for different breaches of the Bye-laws of the Society. The Secretary of the Society, under instructions from the Committee, shall bring to the notice of the Member concerned, the breach/breaches of the bye-law/bye-laws committed by him. If the Member persists in continuing the breach/breaches, the Committee shall give the notice to the Member to show cause as why the penalty should not be inflicted on him for breach/breaches of the byelaw/byelaws. The General Body Meeting, after considering the Say of the Member and after giving him hearing, may levy penalty to the extent of maximum consolidated penalty not exceeding Rs.5,000/- in any one financial year.

b) Save except other provisions in the Act, the A.G.M / Special G.B.M. can penalize a Member for committing breaches in his Responsibilities. Such a penalty should be reasonable and equal to all such erring Members. A.G.M./Special G.B.M. is empowered to frame the penalty amount. The managing committee shall recover such penalties with proper care.

Notice Board Bye - Laws 164 | Amendment to the bye-law of the Society Bye - Laws 166

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