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Tuesday 10 September 2019

Powers, Duties and Functions of Committee Bye - Law 138

Subject to the Bye - law No 112 the Committee shall exercise the powers and discharge the functions and duties as mentioned hereunder.

Sr No Items of the powers, functions and duties The bye-law no. under which the Power, Function or Duty falls
1 To consider acceptance of deposits from Members and raising of funds 11
2 To consider and recommend to the meeting of the general body, the rates of contribution 13 (a) and 13 (c)
3 To consider all matter relating to the creation, investment and utilization of the Repairs and maintenance, Reserve Fund and Sinking Fund. 12(a)(i) and (ii) 14 (a) (b) and (c) 15
4 To consider and decide the resignations received form Member, Associate Members and Nominal Members. 27 to 30
5 To ensure that nomination and revocations thereof are recorded in the minutes of the committee. 33
6 To take action on the report of the Secretary on inspection of the Flats. 47 (b)
7 To take action on cases of cessation of Membership, including associate and nominal Membership. 59
8 To consider and decide the applications for various purposes received by the Society. 63
9 To Consider and decide cases of refund of shares and interest in the capital/ property of the Society where the shares and interest in the capital / property are acquired by the Society. 64
10 To fix the rate of insurance premium in respect of commercial use of flats. 67 a) (xi)
11 To fix in respect of every flat the Society's charges on the basis of the proportion laid down under the bye-law 69 (a). 67 (b)
12 To review the position of recovery of the charges due to the Society from Members and to initiate action against defaulted charges of the Society. 70
13 To verify compliance of the provisions relating to charging of interest in defaulted charges of the Society. 70
14 To authorize a Member of the Committee to attest deed of conveyance, share certificates and any other documents to which the seal of the Society is affixed. 73
15 To issue letters of allotment of flats to those who have purchased flats from the Promoter (Builder). 75
16 To make available papers of the Society for perusal if asked for by the Members. 23
17 To ensure holding of every annual meeting of the general body are kept on the agenda of the meeting. 94
18 To ensure that all matters required to be considered at an annual meeting of the general body are kept on the agenda of the meeting. 94
19 To call a special meeting of the general body when required. 96
20 To arrange for election of a new Committee prior to the expiry of the period of the existing committee. 115
21 To ensure that after elections new committee is duly constituted. 118
22 To elect office - bearers of the Society. 125
23 To ensure that a meeting of the committee is held once in a month. 127
24 to fill in vacancies of the Committee. 128
25 To consider resignation of a Member of the committee. 130
26 To consider resignation of an office bearer of the Society. 131
27 To obtain securities form the paid employees of the Society. 147
28 To approve the audit rectification reports of statutory and internal audits and to forward them to the authorities concerned. 153
29 To execute deed of conveyance of the land and building / buildings thereon. 154
30 To take steps to maintain the property of the Society in good condition and to carry out repairs to it and renewals thereof. 155 and 158
31 To Insure the property of the Society 160
32 To suggest to the general body meeting the rates of penalties for breaches of bye-laws and to issue show cause notices 165
33 To regulate operation of the lift of the Society 167
34 To suggest to the meeting of the general body the games to be allowed to be played in the compound of the Society. 168
35 To consider and decide any other matters provided under the MCS Act 1960, the MCS Rules 1961 and the Bye-laws of the Society, but not expressly indicated hereinabove. 77 to 88
36 To regulate parking in the Society. 78 to 84
37 To ensure that the Society is affiliated to Housing Federation and its subscription is regularly paid. 6
38 To take the decision on the complaint application in the Managing Committee Meeting and inform the concerned Member of its decision accordingly. 173
39 To enter into contract with the Architect of the Society. 156 (f)
40 To scrutinize the tenders, received for construction work and to submit the same along with Committee's report to the meeting of the General Body and to enter into contract with the contractor. 157 (i)

Bye - Law 137 Liability of Committee Members | Bye - Law 139 The Chairman of the Society shall have the power of overall superintendence 

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