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Saturday 21 September 2019

Fees for supply of copies of Documents in Society Bye - Laws 171

The Member of the Society, requiring copies of the documents shall pay copying fees and other charges at the rates mentioned against them :

Sr No Documents Prices
1 Certified copy of the Approved Bye-laws of the Society Rs 5/- per page
2 Amendment of the Bye-laws of the Society Rs 5/- per page
3 Last Audited Balance Sheet of the Society Rs 10/- per page
4 Application for Membership of the Society Rs 25/- per page
5 Second and Subsequent Nomination by the Member of the Society Rs 100/- per page
6 Share Certificate of the Society(Duplicate) Rs 100/- per page
7 List of Members of the Society Rs 10/- per page
8 Correspondence / Documents (related to Member) Rs 10/- per page
9 Minutes of the General Body Meetings and Committee Meetings Rs 10/- per page
10 Indemnity Bond Rs 20/- per page
11 Copy of Annual Returns and Periodicals Rs 10/- per page
12 List of Active Members Rs 5/- per page
13 Any other document as per section 32 of the Act Rs 5/- per page

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