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Thursday 12 September 2019

The Society shall maintain separate files for the following subjects Bye - Law 142

Manage Registers in co-operative housing society

i. Applications for Membership.

ii. Applications for nominal / Associate Membership.

iii. Letters of resignations of Membership including associate and Nominal Membership.

iv. Applications for transfer of shares and/or interest in the Capital /property of the Society.

v. Cases of expulsion of Members.

vi. Nominations made by Members including revocations thereof.

vii. Separate file for correspondence entered into with each Member.

viii. Correspondence with the Co-Operative Registrar.

ix. Correspondence on Property Taxes including Non-agricultural taxes.

x. Correspondence on common electric supply.

xi. Correspondence about Conveyance of the property.

xii. All Types of Agreements, with papers connected thereto.

xiii. Approved plans of construction and correspondence thereon.

xiv. Applications tor allotment of parking spaces.

xv. Vouchers, along with the bills relating thereto arranged in order of entries in the cash book and the journal.

xvi. Counterfoils of challans for credits of amounts into the bank, arranged in order of dates of credits.

xvii. Counterfoils of cheques issued.

xviii. Counterfoils of share certificates.

xix. Applications for duplicate share certificates.

xx. Application for registration of the Society, the copy of the bye-laws and amendments thereto.

xxi. A certificate of registration fully framed.

xxii. Counterfoils of receipts or carbon copies of receipts issued by the Society.

xxiii. Counterfoils of bills or carbon copies of bills for the Society's charges.

xxix. Correspondence about loan received and property of the Society mortgaged.

xxv. Notices and Agenda of the Meetings of the Committee and general body of the Society.

xxvi. Periodical statements of Accounts prepared by the Society. 

xxvii. Committee's annual reports on the working of the Society.

xxviii. Audit memos received from the Statutory Auditors, with rectification reports thereon.

xxix. Audit reports received from Internal Auditors, with rectification reports thereon.

xxx. Papers pertaining to the election of the Committee.

xxxi. Complaint from Members and correspondence thereof.

Books of accounts, registers and other records to be maintained Bye - Law 141Responsibility for maintaining records in society Bye - Law 143

Note: The Society shall also maintain separate files relating to other subjects not expressly indicated above.

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