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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Temporary usage of terraces and open spaces Bye - Laws 170

Notwithstanding the provisions under the bye-law no. 168, the Committee may allow temporary use of the terrace or available open space of the Society's building by any Member, on his written application, for any function, subject to such restrictions and on payment of such charges to the Society as the meeting of the General Body of the Society may decide. The committee may, with the previous permission of the Local Authority, if needed, allow the exhibition of advertisement boards on any part of the building including a terrace, on such terms and conditions as are approved by the General Body Meeting any Member /Members want to install a solar energy water heating systems or solar energy electrical system, then space shall be made available to such Member/Members on the terrace as per the availability.

The said systems may include

(i) Solar collector stand, hot water tank, cold water tank, stand for the tank and hot water pipeline etc,

(ii) Solar Panels, battery, inverter charging controller, cabling etc. for solar energy/electricity / photovoltaic devices / renewable energy devices. If any application requesting to provide space for solar/renewable energy/energy efficiency devices is received, then it shall be binding on the Society to allocate space thereof as per the availability of the space in the Society’s premises.

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