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Saturday 7 September 2019

Resignation by a sub- lettee licensee- or caretaker Bye - Law 30

A sub-letter, licensee, caretaker or possessor of a flat or part thereof, who has been admitted as a Nominal Member of the Society may resign his nominal Membership at any time, by writing the letter of the resignation to the Secretary of the Society, through the Member who has been permitted by the Committee to sub-let, give on leave and license or caretaker basis the flat or part thereof or part with its possession in any other manner. The Secretary of the Society shall place the letter of the resignation before the meeting of the Committee, held next after the receipt of the letter of the resignation duly recommended by the Member concerned for acceptance by the Committee. The decision of the Committee, accepting the resignation shall be communicated by the Secretary of the Society to the Member concerned and his sub-lettee the licensee, the caretaker, or as the case may be, the possessor of the flat or part thereof, within 15 days of the decision by the Committee. If the resignation is rejected, the Committee shall record reasons there for in the minutes of its meeting and the secretary of the Society shall communicate the same to the Member concerned and his sub-lettee, licensee or caretaker etc. within the time specified above.

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