Thursday, 2 June 2022

Procedure & Checklist for Transfer of Flats

How to transferring a flat in a CHS | Documents Required for Transfer of Flat in Society

Whenever a flat sell / resell its committee responsibility to guide the member for documentation and process for transfer. An application for transfer of shares and interest in the capital or property of the society should be made in the prescribed form as per bye law, along with the original share certificate. Old member will resign and new in coming member will apply for membership of society, so there are certain process which need to follow.

If a owner / Member transfer his /her flat within family so, this process will not be applicable, his nominee or his legal representative  after his death and in case of mutual exchange of flats amongst the members or a registered gift deed executed by the member.

Flat transfer document check list


Download Forms and Annexures relating to CHS

1. Form - 3 The form of undertaking to be furnished by the Prospective members

2 Form - 20(1) Letter of consent by proposed transferee 38(a)

3. Form - 20(2) Notice of intention by current member for transfer of shares 38(a)

4. Form - 21 Application for transfer by current member 38 (e) (i)

5. Form - 23 Application for Membership by proposed transferee 38(e) (ii)

6. Form -13 Notice of Resignation by current member - 27(a)

7. Form 14 Nomination Form in Triplicate