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Tuesday 28 June 2022

Water Charges in Housing Society Maintenance Bill

Water Charges in housing society Maintenance Bill | How to calculate water bill in Mumbai? | How to calculate water bill in Maharashtra? | Water charges levied on members in housing society.

How to collect Water Charges in Society as per Bye - Law

Water charge is most of debatable topic in every housing society. This most of the time leads to lot of arguments and debuts on the method of calculation of the water charges. It is very difficult to calculate water charges where flats area different like 1 BHK, 2BHK & 3 BHK. If flats area is equal so water charges can be divided equally on every flat but in case of different need to charge inlet basis as per Bye – Law 67(a)(ii). Following are two cases for water charges collection from each flat:

1. If flat is equal in size - Common water charges

2. If flat size is different – As per Bye - Law

 1. If flat is equal in size: If all flats size is same like all are 1 BHK or all 2 BHK, so water charges can divide equally to all members.

2. If flat size is different: If flat sizes are different, in this case we should go as per Bye Law. Actual Water bill amount must be divided by the total number of Inlets, irrespective of water usage pattern to arrive the per inlet charges.

Bye Law No 67 (a) (ii) says on the basis of the total number and size of inlets provided in each flat. 

Hereby given example to calculate water charges:

Ex: First of all, need to identify monthly water charge & total no of inlets, then calculate as following 

Supposed that Monthly Expenses on water is 5,000 and total no. of inlets (all flats) 90, then monthly per Inlet Charges = 5,000/90

               = 55.55 (Let take it round figure Rs. 56 per inlet charges)

Let us assume 1 BHK has 3 inlets & 2 BHK has 4 inlets

So, water charge on 1 BHK will be 56 x 3 = Rs 168 and 2 BHK will be Rs 224.

Sharing of the Society's Charges by the Members Bye - Law 67

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