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Monday 3 September 2018

Handing over records by the Chief Promoter of the Society Bye - Law 90

The Chief Promoter of the Society shall, immediately after the election of the Office Bearers of the Society, at the first meeting of the Provisional  Committee or its nomination by the Registering Authority under the Bye-Law No. 88(b), hand over to the Chairman of the Society or any Member of the Provisional Committee authorized by it on that behalf:-

a) all records of the Society, particularly the copy of the application for registration of the Society, received back from the Registering Authority,

b) the copy of the by-laws of the Society registered by the Registering Authority,

c) the certificate of registration of the Society,

d) the challans for amounts credited into the bank,

e) the counterfoils of the used cheques and the unused cheques, forms

f) the bank passbooks,

g) the copies of all the agreements entered into by him with different parties,

h) the statement of accounts as prepared by him,

i) the applications for Membership,

j) the statement of information of the promoters,

k) the vouchers for amounts expended,

l) the cash balance if any,

m) the site plan/ the scheme of construction (for plot purchase type)

n) the minutes of the first general meeting of the Society,

o) the files of the correspondence with the Registering Authority, the Local Authority,

p) and all such other records, also in digital form and assets of the Society as are in his possession, not withholding anything with him.

q) prepare a documents handover report

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