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Friday 7 September 2018

Issue of Share Certificates to the Members of the Society Bye - Law 9

a) A Share Certificate, prescribed in bye-laws, bearing distinctive number and indicating the name of the Member, the number of shares issued and the value paid there on, shall be issued by the Society to every Member for the shares subscribed by him, within a period of six months of the allotment of the shares.

b) the Committee of the Society shall issue a duplicate share certificate, “So Marked”, on application to its members on production of following documents.

1. if the share certificate is lost - copy of police complaint lodged, and an affidavit in that regard.

2. if the share certificate is soiled, burnt, torn, disfigured etc. affidavit in that regard.

Authorized Share Capital Bye - Law 8Society's seal and signature of office bearers on every share certificate Bye - Law 10

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