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Saturday 1 September 2018

Composition of the Charges of the Society Bye-law 65

The contribution to be collected from the Members of the Society, towards outgoing and establishment of its funds, referred to in these bye-laws as 'the charges' may be in relation to the following : 

(a) Property Taxes 

(a) Water Charges

(c) Common Electricity Charges

(d) Contribution to Repairs and Maintenance Fund

(e) Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the lifts 

(f) Contribution to the Sinking Fund 

(g) Service Charges

(h) Car Parking Charges

(i) Interest on the defaulted charges

(j) Repayment of the installment of the loan and interest 

(k) Non-occupancy Charges 

(l) Insurance Charges 

(m) Lease rent

(n) Non- agricultural tax 

(o) Education and Training Fund 

(p) Election Fund 

(q) Any Other Charges

Payment of the Value of shares and the interest Bye - Laws 64Break-up of Service Charges of the Society Bye - Law 66

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