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Monday 3 September 2018

Restrictions on attending a general body meeting by a proxy Bye Law 104

Can power of attorney attend general body meeting of society | Can power of attorney attend AGM of society | Who can attend AGM meeting? | Can a power of attorney holder be a member of society?

No proxy or a holder of power of attorney or letter of authority shall be eligible to attend a General Body Meeting of the Society on behalf of a Member of the Society.

Chairman of the Society to preside over all General Body Meetings Bye - Law 103Voting right of a Member Bye - Law 105

Who can attend AGM meeting? | Can a power of attorney holder be a member of society? | Can a non member attend an AGM?  | Who can Chair AGM? | What are the rules for Annual General Meeting?
What are the rules of AGM? | How many days notice is required for AGM?  | Can you hold an AGM without a chairman? | How many members must be present at AGM? | What if AGM is not held within time? | Who can attend Annual General Body / Special General Body Meetings of the Co Op Hsg. Society

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