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Tuesday 4 September 2018

At the First meeting, New Committee to Elect New Office Bearers Bye - Law 125

At the first meeting New Committee to Election New Office Bearers

a) Every Committee, at its first meeting, after its election shall elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasure from amongst the Members of the Committee.

b) The Officer of the Society shall hold office for the period of 5 years from the date on which he is elected to be the Chairman as the case may be the Secretary and Treasurer but not beyond the expiry of term of the Committee.

Motion of no confidence against office bearers

Provided that he shall cease to be the Officer, if the motion of No Confidence is moved in the special meeting of the Committee called and presided by the Registrar or such officer not below the rank of a Assistant Registrar upon the notice given by 1/3rd Members of the Committee and the motion of No confidence is passed by the 2/3rd Members present at such meeting, who are entitled to vote at the election of such Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

Provided further that another motion of No Confidence shall not be brought against the Chairman or as the case may be the Secretary or Treasurer of the Society unless the period of 6 months has elapsed from the date of preceding motion of the No Confidence.

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