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Monday 3 September 2018

Functions of the Annual General Body Meeting of the Society Bye - Law 95

How to conduct AGM of Cooperative Housing Society? | Housing Society Annual General Body Meeting | Agenda for Annual General Body Meeting of a Co-operative housing society

The Annual General Body Meeting of the Society shall transact the following business :

a) to read the minutes of the last annual General Body Meeting of the Society and the Special General Body Meeting of the Society, if any, and to note the action taken thereon,

b) to receive from the committee, the Annual Report of its activities on the preceding co-operative years working, together with the statement of accounts in form 'N' prescribed under Rule 62(1) of the Rules, showing the Income And Expenditure during the preceding cooperative year and the Balance Sheet as at the close of the preceding co-operative year.

c) to consider Audit Report, received from the Auditor appointed as provided in section 75(2A) of the Act for the previous co-operative year ,

d) to receive from committee the Audit Rectification Report and Action taken thereon

e) to place Annual Budget for the next Financial Year for consideration.

f) to appoint an Auditor, for the Audit, from the panel approved by State Government.

g) to receive from the Committee the Annual Return as stipulated in section 75(2) & 95 (1b)

h) to consider any other matters, specifically requiring decisions, concurrence or sanction of the General Body Meeting of the Society, by virtue of the provisions in the Act, Rules and the Bye-laws of the Society. 

i) to consider any important communications received from the Registering Authority, the Statutory Auditor, Government, Collector, Local Authority or any other Competent Authority.

j) to declare date and conduct of election of its Committee when due,

k) to consider any other matter, with the permission of the Chair, excepting those requiring proper notice, after the regular agenda is over and which are permitted under the provision of the Act, Rules & Bye-laws.

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