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Saturday 1 September 2018

Repairs and maintenance to be carried out by Society Bye - Law 68

The following repairs and maintenance of the property of the Society shall be carried out by the Society at its costs:


(i) All internal roads, 

(ii) Compound walls, 

(iii) External water pipelines, 

(iv) Water pumps,(v) Water storage tanks, 

(vi) Drainage lines, 

(vii) Septic tanks,

(viii) Staircases, 

(ix) Terrace and parapet walls, 

(x) Structural repairs of roofs of all flats, 

(xi) Stair-case lights, 

(xii) Street lights, 

(xiii) External walls of the building/ buildings, 

(xiv) All leakages of water including leakages due to rainwater, and leakages due to external common pipeline and drainage line,

(xv) Electric lines up to main switches in the flats (xvi) Lifts, 

(xvii) The damaged ceiling and plaster thereon in the top floor flats, on account of the leakage of the rainwater through the terrace.

(xviii)  Generators

(xvix) Security Appliances (CCTV, Intercom, Group Mobile, Mass Data Sharing Devices, Siren Bell) 

(xx) Rain Water Harvesting,(xxi) Sewerage, Stormwater Drain & Water Treatment Plant 

(xxii) Common areas not specifically allotted, Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna Bath, Coffee House 

(xxiii) Common Parking Space   

(xxiv)  Solar and alternative energy devices.  

(xxv)  Garden  

(xxvi) Community hall

b) All the repairs, not covered by the bye-law No. 159(a) shall be carried out by the Members at their cost. The expenditure of the internal leakage due to toilet, sink etc. should be borne by concerned flat holders, with intimation to the Society.

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