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Tuesday 4 September 2018

Resignation of office bearers of the Society Bye - Law 131

a) The Chairman of the Society may resign his office as Chairman by a letter addressed to the Secretary of the Society.

b) The Secretary or Treasurer of the Society may resign his office as Secretary or Treasurer by a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Society.

c) Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer’s resignation will be effective only after its acceptance and handing over the charge to the newly elected Chairman/Secretary/Treasurer, as the case may be.

d) The Committee may accept the resignation of the office of the chairman/Secretary/Treasurer only after it is satisfied that the Chairman or as the case may be the Secretary or Treasurer of the Society has brought upto date the work entrusted to him and has produced the entire papers and property of the Society, in his possession, before the Committee.

e) In case entire committee intends to resign, the resignations of the committee shall be placed before the General Body and such resignations shall be effective from the date of acceptance of such resignations by the General Body. This fact of acceptance of resignations of the entire Committee by the General Body, shall be communicated to the Registrar by the outgoing officers and Registrar may take necessary action as provided under section 77 A of the Act. However the existing Committee shall continue to carry on with only routine functioning of the Society, till alternate arrangement is made by the Registrar.

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