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Thursday 30 August 2018

Utilization of the Funds Bye Law-14

Utilization of Sinking Fund

Sinking Fund : On the resolution passed at the meeting of the general. Body of the Society, the Sinking Fund may be used by the Society for reconstruction of its building/buildings or for carrying out such structural additions or alteration to the building/buildings, as in the opinion of the Society's Architect, would be necessary to.

Utilization of Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance Fund: The Repairs and Maintenance Fund- may be utilized for meeting the expenditure on maintenance of the Society's property and repairs and renewals thereof.

Utilization of Reserve Fund

Reserve Fund : The Reserve Fund of the Society may be utilized for the expenditure on repairs, maintenance and renewals of the Society's property.

Utilization of Education & Training Fund

The Education& Training Fund be utilized as provided under section 24(A) of the Act.

Utilization of all Funds with approval of General Body

Utilization of all the Funds shall be with the specific prior approval of Society’s General Body.

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