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Friday 31 August 2018

Grounds on which a Member could be expelled Bye Law 49

A member may be expelled from the Membership of the Society, if such a Member:

a) has persistently failed to pay the charges due to the Society,

b) has willfully deceived the Society by giving false information,

c)  has used his flat for immoral purposes or misused it for illegal purposes habitually,

d) has been in the habit of committing breaches of any of the provisions of the bye laws of the Society, which, in the opinion of the Committee, . are of serious nature,

e) has furnished false information or omitted to furnish the material information to the Registering Authority at the time of registration of the Society.

f) A Non-Active Member who does not attend at least one meeting of the general body in next five years from the date of classification as Non- Active Member

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