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Monday 26 August 2019

Appointment of Auditor Bye - Law 151

a) The Society may, if it considers it necessary, appoint an internal Auditor, to audit the accounts of the Society, at the Annual General Body Meeting. The Society shall appoint the Statutory Auditor in its General Body Meeting from the panel of Auditors approved by State Govt. and same Statutory Auditor shall not be appointed for more than two consecutive years. The Statutory Auditor shall submit his Audit Report as provided in section 81 of the Act.

b) It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to get the Accounts Audited within a period of six months from the closure of financial year and in any case before issuance of Notice of the holding of the Annual General Body Meeting.

c) The Remuneration of Auditors so appointed shall be decided by the General Body Meeting of the Society.

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