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Checklist for Handover from Builder to co-operative housing society

Required documents for taking society handover from builder | Complete guideline for co-operative housing society handover from builder

Here we are helping to new co-operative housing society to check following document before handover.
The provisional committee/group of members needs to get documents and audited accounts from the builder during the handover of the society.

     1.  Related to Property

    Required Certificates

1.       Architect Certificate for area of each flat, common area and paring area (Original).
2.       Completion Certificate (Original).
3.       Occupancy Certificate (Original).
4.       Approved RCC Plan with certificate (original).
5.       Clearance to operate Elevator (original). [If lift is installed in building]
6.       NOC from fire department (original).
7.       NOC from Electrical inspector (original). [If lift is installed in building]
              Required Documents
1.       Lift License, if applicable (original)
2.       NA Order (original)
3.       Property Insurance Document, if any (Original)
4.       Property documents executed between the land owners and builder (Xerox)
5.       ULC Order (Original)
6.       Approved Construction Plan (original)
7.       Property Documents executed between the Landowners and Builders [Xerox copy]
8.       Approved Construction Plan [Original]
9.       Extract of 7/12 OR CTS and Mutation Entry No.  [Original]
10.   NA order  [Original]
11.   All the layout plans of building structure.
12.   Land Agreement for Development Rights.
13.   City Survey Map / Tikka Sheets.
14.   Location Map
15.   Title Clearance Certificate About the property by an advocate

     2.   Related to Finance
1.       Record of maintenance  expenses while under builder’s maintenance (Xerox)
2.       NA Tax Payment Record (Original)
3.       Record of all collections received from the owners.
4.       Payment records of taxes towards property, construction and maintenance
5.       Payment records related to City/Municipality Water Supply (Original)
6.       Contract with existing staff (security and sweeper)(Original)
7.       District co-operative bank account passbook/Statement
8.       Details of other bank account and deposit if any.

3   3. Related to Operations

1.       Approved CC building plan from Local Municipal Body
2.       Approved OC building plan from Local Municipal Body
3.       AMC Documents – Lifts, Transformers, Pumps, Generator and Gym equipment if any applicable (Original)
4.     Contract with venders (original)
5.     List of amenities in the apartment
6.     Car Parking allocation and marking
7.     Society Registration Certificate
8.     Invoices and Warranties for all Assets – Pumps, Lift, Generator, Transformer, Pool Equipment’s, Gym Equipment’s [Original]
9.     Receipt of all the challans, slips, papers of tax, service tax, registration etc in whatsoever in nature paid by builder to Government or private body in relation to building.
10.  Details of TDR/DR/FSI used in redevelopment of said building (old as well as new).
11.  Detail list of work pending till date & till what time you expect it to be completed.
12.  Undertaking or Promissory Note by Developer/Builder that he will complete the pending work within deadline. (take written Undertaking)
13.  Society Bye-law book
14.  All members details with flats/area and contact no.

1.       Drawings of water piping (original)
2.       STP drawing & certification by pollution control board (original)
3.       Drawing of electrical wiring including earthing point (original)
1.       Maintenance schedule for all assets
2.       Work schedule of all staff involved in maintaining the complex.
4. Legal
1.       Share Certificate Copies for all Owners (where applicable)
2.       Sale Deed copy/Proof of Ownership of all Owners [Xerox]
3.       Khatha Certificate Copies for all Owners (where applicable)
4.       Car Parking Allocation Record [original]
5.       All Legal Documents executed between the Builder & Landowner (could be same as P1) [Xerox]
6.       Contracts with Vendors [original]
7.       Undertaking by the Builder regarding Indemnity & Limitation of Liabilities of the Society for all.

Housing Society Handover from Builder - Complete Checklist pdf download here

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