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Sunday 28 October 2018

Bachelor Tenants – Prohibited In A Society

Every citizen of India and non-citizens, have been granted fundamental rights under the Indian Constitution, to stay (reside) anywhere in India, BUT except in prohibited and restricted areas.


a) In Metropolitan /Industrialized Cities (e.g.  Mumbai, Pune …. ),  a new nefarious and knee-jerk whimsical concept of Prohibiting /Banning “Bachelor Tenant”, from staying in a Society, is emerging, causing gross discontent among the Society members, thus leading to gradual failure of the Cooperative Moment.

b) The MCS Act does have not provisions for “Prohibited & Restricted” areas in the Society premises.   The Mg. Committee (MC)  has compulsorily to work under the provisions of the MCS Act and  .IF.   the MCS Act does not provide for restrictions on “Tenants”, THEN “Bachelor Tenant” cannot be prohibited (banned) from residing in a Society, even if for whatever reasons. Read More...

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