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Sunday 2 April 2023

Important Dates for Co-Operative Housing Societies

Important dates for Co-Operative Housing Societies 

Accounts, Audit and Returns

Important Date Activities Bye Law/MCS ACT/Rules
15th May Finalization of Account Bye – Law No. 146 (a), MCS Rule 61
16th – 31st May Document to be kept for members inspection MCS Rule 61
1st June Account to be handed over for Audit MCS Rule 61
31st July Audit Completion Section 81 of MCS ACT
31st Aug or 15th Sept Audit Report Upload before issue of AGM Notice Section 81 of MCS ACT
30th Sep Conduct AGM on or before 30th Sep, as no extension is permitted even by Registrar Section 75 of MCS ACT, Bye – Law No. 94
30th Sep Mandatory Annual Returns Filing Section 79 (1A), Bye – Law No. 146 (b)
31st Oct Mandatory Return by Society about appointment of auditor within one month from the AGM Section 81 and Section 79(1B) of MCS ACT
31st Oct Income Tax Return Income-tax Act, 1961
31st Oct Online Audit order generation by auditor
1st Nov – 31st Jan Audit rectification Report by society within 3 months from the date of submission of report by Auditor. Rectification Report to be uploaded by Auditor through Auditor logins. Section 82 of MCS ACT