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Monday 2 August 2021

Duties and Responsibilities of a Returning Officer

Who is Returning Officer?

The Returning Officer is a person who conducts elections as per the provisions of Acts and Rules and appointed by the Managing Committee of the Society.

The Returning Officer has to exercise his authority with the knowledge of the Act, Rules and Bye-Laws. The Returning Officer must be fair and transparent while performing his duties.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Returning Officer

To decide the claims and objections regarding the Provisional List of Voters and publish the Final list of Voters.

  • To declare and publish Election Program along with the Notice of the Special General Body Meeting.
  • To accept and scrutinize nomination forms and withdrawal notices.
  • To prepare and publish the list of contesting candidates.
  • To allot symbols to the contesting candidates.
  • To preside over the Special General Body Meeting called for declaration of an uncontested election or for conducting the poll. To supervise the poll and count the votes and thereafter declare the result of the election.
  • To conduct the election following the provisions of Act, Rules and Bye-Laws.
  • To remain transparent and fair in the Election Process.
  • To educate the members regarding the election procedure.