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Thursday 5 August 2021

Property Management Companies in Mumbai

Property Management Services / Property Manager Responsibilities

The number of responsibilities a property manager has is entirely depend upon what is stipulated in the contract between Society/Apartment and the Service Provider. Whereas some Society/Apartment may only want a property manager to collect rent, manage tenants, manage staffs others may want a property manager to handle all aspects concerning their property/apartment. 

 A property manager needs to be able to listen and communicate, as well as be proactive and involved, current and knowledgeable situation and handle properly. Role will be to ensure smooth operations at the facility/site by enhancing efficiency using innovation and technology. 

Here is a small list of various property management responsibilities:

  • Understanding Society bye laws and regulations
  • Handling maintenance requests and repairs
  • Marketing properties
  • Managing Tenants & Manage their files
  • Supervising all staffs
  • Managing the society/apartment budget and plan
  • Handling and deposit govt taxes on time
  • Ensuring manpower at the site is enabled to face challenges by guiding, grooming, developing and supporting them as and when required.
  • Formulating suitable budgeting controls and Monitoring SLA’s & KPI’s of outsourced agencies towards effective service deliverance.
  • Maintaining service level agreements and keeping performance indicator scores above excellence.
  • Ensuring timely renewal of the agreement, submission of invoices and follow-ups for the payments.
  • Overseeing all vendor quotations and invoices.
  • Ensure proper signoffs for attendance and all the required details for cost sheet submission.
  • Ensuring timely submission of client approved cost sheet to KCL office and following up for the invoice.
  • Ensuring Accuracy of billing information.
  • Manpower planning for the site (playing a major role in their hiring process etc.
  • Conducting daily site rounds to ensure proper maintenance of all structures/ building facilities and services are carried out.
  • Ensure proper teamwork for all the facilities.
  • Assisting client SPOC in creating the annual budget for site operations and formulating strategies for effective management.
  • Reviewing and ensuring data (hard and soft copy)/ e-mails/ client files are updated.
  • Dealing with occupants’ queries in verbal/ written form.
  • Ensuring robust complaint management process is in place and is followed meticulously
  • Communicating and circulating information to occupants’ authorities on operational complications.
  • Ensuring health and life safety regulations/ manuals are adhered on site
  • All risk assessment recommendations are implemented and enforced for compliances.
  • Resolving emergency maintenance matters with urgency.
  • Maintaining exemplary relationship management with projects, consultants, contractors, govt. authorities, statutory agencies for ease and smooth operations and maintenance of the property.
  • Creating and submitting the daily management report (DMR) and the monthly management reports (MMR).
  • Coordinate and maintain the as-built drawing and transition document library.
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