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Friday 27 July 2018

What we do for Co-Operative Housing Society

We Help the housing society in all way Writing Account, Audit by Panel Auditor, Provide computerized monthly bill/receipt etc ,please look following services which we provides :

- Preparation of computerized monthly Bill & Receipt.
- Accounting writ work.
- Society Maintenance cheque collection and deposit in bank.
- Preparation of receipt and payment.
- Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly dues list.
- Preparation of cash book.
- Preparation of balance sheet & Income & Expenditure Accounts.
- Other Admin related works and payments of utilities.
- Bank account opening help/Making Resolution etc.
- Election rules & procedure.
- Determining of maintenance charges as per bye-laws (for newly formed society).
- Providing Housing Society Stationery & Registers (AGM Register, Monthly Meeting Register,Sinking fund and Nomination Register, Voucher, Bill, Receipt, Member Register, Monthly Collection Register etc).

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