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Friday 20 July 2018

Rain Water Harvesting Panvel, Navi Mumbai

Water problems
In the present scenario water problem became a big issue in our country or can say worldwide as water is most valuable natural resource on earth and one of the natural resource without that we can’t live. 
Nowadays we are depend on government water supply CIDOC/MIDC/Municipal Corporation/Local Govt authorities etc. which cant full fill our daily water need. Due to high demand of water we are consuming more water from earth so day to day earth water level going down. Previously (40-50 years ago) earth water had recharged automatically from rain water as there are too much urbanization but as of now there are no place to water go inside specially in cities of India so all cities and metro facing water issue.

As the water crisis continues to become sever pain there is big need to recharge the existing water source (Borewel).

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting is collecting the water from a structure/surface or roof in order to store it in rain water tanks for later use or divert it for recharge the exciting bore well.

We believe that rain water harvesting is a viable technology in an urban setting. It is necessary to take advantage of this resource is to capture the free water falling on our roof/terrace and direct it to rain water storage tank. By doing this we can take advantage of our water supply and replace all or least perform of your water needs. 

Rain water harvesting is being frequently used these days however the concept of water harvesting is not new for India. Water harvesting technology had been developed countries ago.
Ground water resource gets naturally recharges through percolation. But due to fast development and rapid urbanization exposed surface for soil has been reduced drastically with reduction in percolation of rain water, thereby depleting ground water resource.

Rain water harvesting is the process of augmenting the natural filtration of rain water into the water ground formation by some artificial methods.

Uses of Harvested Water : 
1.Showering and Bathing
2.Hand water your Lawn/Garden.
3.Flushing Toilets.
4.Washing Cars.
5.Refilling our Swimming Pools.
6.Washing Cloths
7.Use it for potable needs when properly filtered and disinfected.

Benifit Of Rain Water Harvesting

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