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Friday 23 April 2021

Housing societies ask for RT-PCR certificates from maids, cooks, state gov says, not necessary

MUMBAI: Testing is not just for all, but housing societies, companies, and factories are all demanding a negative RT-PCR  certificate from their staffers.

As Covid positive cases rise, an RT-PCR certificate is becoming the passport to work. Whether it is office staffers or factory workers, house help like maids and cooks, everyone is demanding Covid negative certificates, which in turn is straining the already stressed testing infrastructure. 

With Covid cases rising again and the state government imposing new lockdown norms, housing complexes in the city are drawing up their own rules. Among the most common is asking all help to get themselves tested and carry a valid  RT-PCR report before entering the housing society. Whether at Godrej Planet in Byculla or at Ambrosia in Powai or Oberoi Splendour in Jogeshwari, managing committee members of housing societies are taking all precautions to ensure cases do not swell up among their residents. Read More...

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