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About Us

KCL Society Services as the name suggests we are specialized in society accounting, we provide Computerized Society Accounting Services and other related services to co-operative housing societies. We have also a specialized team for accounting software like Apartment Adda ,Apna Complex, Mysocietyclub, MyGate, NoBrokerHood, and other major online accounting software.

We are experts in online accounting software. After observing the need for a professional society consultant in Navi Mumbai, where we can provide transparency, accuracy, accountability to the members of the society and can deliver qualities services to our clients. We saw much irregularity in societies due to lack of By-laws, administration & accounting. So KCL Society Services has founded in 2018 by a team of Expertise in bye-laws, accounting, administration, and IT.

Our Strength
With every new society added, we get new challenges, some committee members understand the process some don't. Those who don’t understand the process initially we give them training and awareness of bye-laws and accounting and audit. We have a professional team who are well experienced in bye-law and accounting. We're also doing accounting for big societies that use online software Apartment Adda & Apna Complex, we have a team to support them and can handle society's entire activities from our office.

Our Team
With every new society added and as per regular requirement/work so our manpower increases from time to time as required.

Our Infrastructure
Our infrastructure consists of our in-house accounting team, field executive team, our subsidiary I.T team (KCL Consultancy Services), The Latest IT machines, Laptops, projectors etc.

Our Motive
KCL Society Services was established with the motto to give training to housing societies committee members and To provide the best services to clients. We work in a transparent way with the committee, we avoid one-to-one communication as it's a matter related to society. Our aim is to train to the committee also encourage the committee to use online accounting which is accessible to all committee members.

Why Us

Transparency : 
(1) Society (Committee Members/Manager/Members) can log in to the system and verify members ledger/ bills/receipts

(2) Every communication happens in common WhatsApp group KCL & Committee so nothing is hidden to any committee members and all know for any accounting entries.

Daily Basis Entries:
We do daily maintenance received entries, so monthly reports are ready on time. We are the ones who update receipts daily basis to avoid any discrepancy to members.

Rule & Regulation:
We always suggest to the committee to follow Bye-laws.

Training to Committee:
We provide free training to the committee.

 Come In, Stay Cool.