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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Sub-letting Flats Bye - Laws 43

Bye - Laws 43 for Subletting the flats / Flat given on rent in housing society need to intimate to society

(a) Sub-letting etc. not permissible except under the Society's permission : A member shall intimate to the society, of subletting his flat or giving on leave and license basis or care taker basis or parting with its possession in any other manner, however the member shall submit a copy of leave and license agreement and copy of intimation report to the police station.

(b) Permission of the Society not required sublet, etc: No permission of the Society is required to sublet the flat / shop. However the intimation needs to be given to the society 8 days before such subletting.

(C) He shall pay non-occupancy charges to the Society. Non-occupancy charges shall be levied in accordance with the circular issues by Government of Maharashtra and the Commissioner of Co-Operation from time to time and shall not be levied if the flat is occupied by the family of the members as defined under these Bye-Laws.

What is non occupancy charges in housing society

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